The Power of Plaster Cloth

See how you can create any lightweight, hard-shell form with the amazing Plaster Cloth, newspapers and masking tape.

Using Plaster Cloth Learn about the amazing Plaster Cloth and how to use it along with newspapers and masking tape to make anything from masks to volcanoes. Use these tips and techniques to form your own unique creation for a school project, display or just for fun!

Erupting Volcano Need a quick and easy school project? Learn to make an erupting volcano...and you can build it the night before it's due!!!

Cut Away Volcano This two-part video shows you how to make a diorama displaying both the outside and the inside layers of an active volcano. Learn tips and techniques for using a variety of materials to create and landscape mountainous terrain. You'll also pick up some interesting volcano facts!

Craft a Mask Make a wall decoration or usable mask. Papa Tom teaches viewers how to build a funny looking and exciting bird mask using Plaster Cloth and paints. Super fun for any age!

Simple Mask. Easy Task. Learn to make easy masks with versatile Plaster Cloth. Papa Tom walks you through the process of making a mask with a balloon and then making another on a piece of cardboard. Easy. Fun. Really Cool!

Create a Cave This five-part video series will walk you through the complete process of making a cave diorama. Build a deep cavernous land formation complete with stalactites and stalagmites. Learn to cast and attach rocks, paint terrain, landscape realistically and create the illusion of depth.

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