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This collection of videos offer step-by-step instructions for making a variety of diorama projects.

Erupting Volcano Need a quick and easy school project? Learn to make an erupting volcano...and you can build it the night before it's due!!!

Cut Away Volcano This two-part video shows you how to make a diorama displaying both the outside and the inside layers of an active volcano. Learn tips and techniques for using a variety of materials to create and landscape mountainous terrain. You'll also pick up some interesting volcano facts!

Desert Landscape Two-part video teaches you how to model a realistic, landscaped desert oasis, construct pyramids and create a water feature. Learn a variety of tricks and techniques that includes using natural products from your backyard.

Create a Cave This five-part video series will walk you through the complete process of making a cave diorama. Build a deep cavernous land formation complete with stalactites and stalagmites. Learn to cast and attach rocks, paint terrain, landscape realistically and create the illusion of depth.

Meteor Diorama This five-part video series walks you through the process of creating a diorama that recreates a mass-extinction event that scientists theorize occurred 65 million years ago. A meteor striking the Earth, eliminated 50% of animal species, most notably the dinosaurs.

A+ Projects and Dioramas: A Student's Handbook Use this complete resource to model any project or diorama. Fully-illustrated instructions show how to make 34 different projects. Make projects exactly as shown, or combine the instructions with more than 250 tips and techniques to create a unique project.

Base and Backdrop Matt shows you a few of the many ways you can use the versatile Base and Backdrop to create and display your school projects and dioramas.

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