Building Structures

Learn tips and techniques that will help you build any type structure in realistic detail.

Cliff Dwelling Learn to create and landscape mountainous terrain that incorporates a cliff on which to display a Native American adobe dwelling. See the Adobe Dwelling video to learn how to make the adobe structure.

Stone & Cinder Block Tips Learn to make a building appear to be made of stone or cinder blocks, with these super easy techniques.

Log Walls & Lap Siding Learn how to build a realistic, miniature log cabin for your diorama, using simple tips and techniques.

Perfect Pyramid Learn the technique for making a realistic, symmetrical pyramid for any school project. It's super easy and will look great on any desert diorama.

Terra Cotta Techniques Learn simple and easy techniques for making a realistic, terra cotta-styled roof for a model house.

Build Better Buildings Learn a variety of tips and techniques for building basic structures and adding detail. Techniques demonstrated include putting together the basic structure, making windows and doors, stone and brick siding, shake shingle roof and more.

Native American Tepee Learn to create a Native American Indian tepee (teepee) and place it on a realistic, wooded diorama.

Adobe Dwelling Learn to build a Native American adobe structure to place on a cliff diorama. See the Cliff Dwelling video to learn how to build mountainous terrain with a cliff on which to set your adobe home.

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