Tips and Techniques

Tips and techniques to make your project extra special and super impressive!
Lava Flow with Casting Plaster Use some Scene-A-Rama Casting Plaster to make a lava flow for your school project volcano.
Make a Hollow Shell with Plaster Cloth Use Plaster Cloth and a balloon to create hollow shells or cutaway shapes for masks, animal and plant cells and other projects.
Backyard Trees with Foliage Fiber Use Foliage Fiber and tree-shaped twigs, flower stems or shrub trimmings from your back yard to make miniature trees.
Leopard Spot Painting Technique Use the Leopard Spot painting technique to color rock castings realistically. It's quick and easy!
Learn to Paint Trees Here is a quick and easy method for painting pine and palm trees on the Backdrop of your school project.
Modeling Bushes and Tree Foliage Use Bushes to add medium height ground cover and tree foliage to your shcool project landscape.
Coloring Rock Debris You can color Talus any shade you like to blend with your school project scenery.
Create a Grassy Landscape Use Grass to create a natural grass covering over your school project terrain.
Modeling Wild Grasses Use Wild Grass to create a wheat field or add natural prairie grass to your school project landscape.
How to Model Flowers Use Flowers to add flowers to your school project fields, hedges, bushes, vines and trees.
Backyard Evergreens Use Grass and evergreen clippings from your backyard to make pine trees for your school project.
Modeling Water Features Use Blue Realistic Water™ to model rivers, ponds, lakes and other water features on your school project.
Make a Winter Use Snow to add snowdrifts, enhance a frozen pond, or to model a light dusting on trees for your diorama or display.
Sculpting Sea Creatures Use Sculpting Clay to sculpt a whale, sea plants and other sea creatures for your ocean diorama.
Make a Spanish Tile Roof Use Construction and Ribbed boards to make a Spanish tile roof for your mission or other structure.
Patterns and Textures for Buildings Use foam board to make a variety of textured building sidings, such as a stone pattern or lap siding.
Painting Techniques Use painting techniques like stippling and sponging to add depth and texture to buildings or project backdrops.

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